Bring Back Real Wrestling! Like the Greeks!

Well, maybe not exactly like the Greeks since, according to historical accounts, they facilitated that exchange in the nude, but it sure would be nice to see real wrestling make a comeback. You might be scratching your head thinking “Oh, but I just went to or something and got all my in-demand wrestling matches.”

Different kind of wrestling.

In fact, some purists wouldn’t even consider the kind of mainstream stuff as “real wrestling.” Acting, maybe, but not wrestling. No, REAL wrestling is two mean with no weapons and no real external advantages facing each other on equal footing and comparing strengths. Historically-speaking, it’s one of the oldest forms of combat with literary references going as far back as Homer’s the Iliad. There are even 15,000 year old cave drawings in France.

What makes this legacy of strength and endurance better than the televised dramas you see on mainstream media? I probably already answered that question within the question but I’ll break it down.

Wrestling – real-deal wrestling – the two men facing off against one another have only their strength, their will and their focus. Superior strength and size does not win a match as often as you might think. It’s a display of courage and fortitude that’s severely lacking in even the most brutal (and scripted) television matches.

Learning Olympic Wrestling Techniques in Canada

Learning Olympic wrestling in Canada might be much easier than the average person realizes. In fact, the average person can learn wrestling at a number of clubs. You do not have to be a super athlete in order to enroll in a wrestling training program.

For those that are young athletes, many schools on the Jr. High School and High School level that will provide an excellent training environment. It may be best for a young one to learn at a very early age. There are private wrestling training programs Read the rest of this entry »

Searching for the Best Olympic Wrestlers in Canada

Wrestling fans who wish to learn all they can about the most promising athletes in the world would do well to conduct a little research before the next Olympic games open. Missing out on your chance to see the wrestlers and competitors who have the potential to make the biggest impact on the sport would be very unfortunate. When it comes to searching for the best Olympic wrestlers in Canada and beyond, the Internet can provide you with a great deal of Read the rest of this entry »

Mastering the Olympic Wrestling Techniques in Canada

Understanding the importance of learning new wrestling techniques is extremely important for professionals seeking fame and fortune. There are a significant number of moves and styles that must be learned before someone can claim to be a master in the sport of Olympic wrestling. It is always a good idea to seek this knowledge from professionals with countless years of experience in the field to ensure that you receive the finest training currently available. That is why you should contact more than one trainer in your local area before making a choice. This will allow you to make comparisons Read the rest of this entry »

Learn How to Break into Olympic Wrestling in Canada

Learning how to break into Olympic wrestling in Canada requires a significant amount of patience and will. Many steps must be taken in order to prepare any athlete for the numerous hardships involved in becoming a professional wrestler. Firstly, it is extremely important to be in perfect physical shape before attempting to apply to any wrestling leagues. These exclusive clubs will only consider a limited number of people for membership each year. If you do not care enough about your body to maintain a healthy lifestyle, owners of wrestling leagues will not take you seriously. That Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Places to Learn Wrestling in Canada

Canada is home to many great wrestling schools and gyms. Here’s a look at the best places to learn wrestling in Canada.

Can-Am Wrestling School

Few wrestling schools are as famous as Can-Am. It is run by Team Canada manager Scott D’ Amore. Well-known wrestlers that have graduated from this school include Petey Williams and Rhino. Can-Am Wrestling School is located in Windsor, Ontario.

Von Erich School of Wrestling

Attendance at the Von Erich School of Wrestling costs around 3,000 to 8,000. The Read the rest of this entry »

Wrestling in Canada Can Be Fun for All Ages

Wrestling, often called amateur wrestling to distinguish itself from the simulated activity of professional wrestling, is one of the most popular sports in Canada. The origins of the sport are ancient, going back thousands of years. It was one of the original Olympic sports in Ancient Greece, and there is evidence that it was practiced by early man. Wrestling is based on fundamental principles of size, strength, and endurance.

The sport has a special legacy in Read the rest of this entry »

Preparing to Start a Wrestling Career in Canada

The first step in starting a professional wrestling career is to get your body in shape. You will need to exercise at least five days out of the week. You may want to consider working out with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can design a unique exercise plan for you that will help you reach your goals. You will also need to make sure that you pay close attention to the foods that you are eating. Your diet should be rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. You will need to limit your consumption of fatty foods and sugar. Not only will eating right and exercising prepare you for a career in wrestling, Utah DIRECT TV, but you will also be able to improve your appearance. You should also consider going to wrestling school. You will be able to learn all of the moves and skills needed to become a successful wrestler. Once you have gotten the proper training, you should start participating in amateur wrestling matches. That will give you the experience that you need to get your start in professional wrestling. Furthermore, participating in amateur wrestling matches will help you gain confidence. It may take you awhile to start a wrestling career. However, if you work hard, then your chances of succeeding in professional wrestling will be great.